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Getaway Charters is for you, your family, friends, businesses, first time anglers and experienced anglers. We offer 4 hours to a full day of Orange Beach fishing and fun. You may bring up to 6 people for your private charter. You will receive first class service from our captains and deckhands. We offer quick online booking with Orange Beach Alabama Fishing /Gulf Shores Family Fishing Charter Boats /Getaway Charters. Orange Beach fishing charters at its best. We offer nearshore fishing, deep sea fishing and offshore trolling. Our Orange Beach fishing charter boats are only 10 minutes from Gulf Shores. So if you are looking for Gulf Shores fishing, here we are. You will find us to be very family friendly and kids love us. We are patient and do our very best to provide you with a fun fishing trip. Enjoy our comfortable seating with cool a/c after some hot fishing action. Safety is always top priority with the Getaway Charters Team. We meet or exceed all U.S. Coast Guard safety requirements. What about bad weather? We just do not go in bad weather. We will try to reschedule your group for another day or help you find another boat if we are booked. There is never a charge for a cancellation due to bad weather conditions. We monitor weather conditions everyday. We receive the latest internet weather service on land and receive Satellite Nexrad Radar on the boat. It is our job to keep you safe, comfortable, having fun and catching fish. We usually catch a variety of fish off the Alabama Gulf Coast. Come experience catching amberjack, red snapper, triggerfish, vermillion snapper, grouper, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, wahoo, mahi mahi, tuna, sea bass, tilefish fishing and more. Orange Beach and Gulf Shores Deep Sea Fishing at its best.

Captain Don, owner of Getaway Charters, is usually on the boat and out of phone range during the day and often returns late. Want to view information including trip details, rates, availability and to book instantly online?

No Walk On Shared Expense Trips or Party Boat Charters

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Red Snapper season opened June 1st and closed July 14th. Red snapper may be caught year round but must be released outside of the red snapper season. There are other fish that may be kept. 

Best Options for September and October

The 4 hour charter is a trolling trip. We are catching some good numbers of Spanish mackerel. These are not big fish but they are good tasting. We are also catching a few isolated kings. This is a great trip for kids as young as 3 years old to adults. Enjoy a morning or afternoon charter.  Bull redfish have been spotted but should appear in numbers by hopefully mid October. We sometimes catch bull redfish on the 4 hour charters. The 5 hour charter is a combination of trolling and bottom fishing. The bottom fishing is mostly catch and release but we sometimes catch vermillion snapper. You may still catch red snapper and triggerfish but you will have to release them. We can keep the trolling fish. The 6 hour charter is very similar to the 5 hour charter except with more fishing time or we can travel farther and target vermillion snapper and white snapper. These fish may be kept. The full day charters are always a good option for more variety and a more serious fishing charter. If you are looking for a substantial amount of fish to take home and you would like to catch a variety of fish then book the full day trip. 

All bait, license and tackle are furnished. Bring water, drinks and snacks. Bring lunches on the full day trips.  

 Our Location at Google Maps

27844 Canal Rd, Orange Beach (2nd entrance into Sportsmans Marina. You will find the boat behind the Tiki Hut 10 minutes prior to departure. 


Why do so many people choose Getaway Charters for their Gulf Shores/ Orange Beach Fishing?

  • Nice clean, odor-free, boats with cool a/c for your family comfort. Both boats carry the Hatteras name, which is known world wide for their fine Yachts.
  • Our Captains and deckhands are polite, courteous and very professional.
  • We do not encourage fishing in rough sea conditions. Your comfort on our boat is important to us.
  • We operate a safe boat and exceed US Coast Guard regulations with all of the latest safety equipment.
  • Great fishing and FREE fish cleaning on 4, 5 & 6 hour charters
  • All bait, license and tackle are furnished
  • A simple credit card # will reserve your date. We accept all credit cards, cash & checks.
  • We provide a fun fishing environment on our boats. HDTV, Playstation II, XM Satellite stereo all included. The kids never get bored. Fun for all.
  • We cater to you & your group. Want a 4hr, 5hr, 6hr, 10hr, 12hr, 36hr charter? Nearshore or offshore fishing? Your choice. Family fishing anglers or seasoned anglers are all welcome on our boats. We take extra time with first-time anglers.
  • Avoid the big crowded party boats with shoulder to shoulder strangers. Enjoy the extra comfort and service provided from our 6 passenger boats. Your charter is for just you and your group of up to 6 people on the Getaway and Another Getaway.
  • Getaway Charters has been in business since 1995.



Bull Redfish Trips October 15th – February 28th

Bull redfish usually appear around early to mid October and are usually caught until late February. These fish are a blast on light tackle. We usually start out trolling. When we locate a school of bull reds then we change over to light spinning tackle and  fish with with jigs and topwater lures. These big bull redfish usually weigh from 15 – 30 pounds but are common around 20 pounds. We may also catch king mackerel and Spanish mackerel on these trips. We are now featuring an 8 hour bull redfish trip with a discounted price in the fall and winter. On the 8 hour trip we can travel to the waters off Fort Morgan and the mouth of Mobile Bay. This is typically productive waters for Big reds and mackerel. Call or text 251-752-0235 to book your bull redfish charter.

4hr redfish trip $650      8hr redfish trip $1100


Bull Redfish in the Fall and Winter


Family Fishing and Fun for All Ages on our 4, 5 and 6 hour Fishing Charters

The 4 hour charters are popular for those who just want to experience a few hours on the water. This trip can be good for young children or for adults who just want a few hours on the water to relax and have some fun. The 4 hour fishing charter is trolling. Trolling is a type of fishing where we place four fishing rods in the rod holders and move along slowly waiting on a fish to bite. Everyone can relax in the quiet or listen to their favorite music on the back deck from Sirius Satellite Stereo. This is a great trip for kids or adults. We usually fish within sight of land from 2 – 7 miles of shore.


kings 7 26 12

The 5 hour fishing charter is a good trip for some bottom fishing and trolling for Spanish and king mackerel. Red snapper will have to be released except during the open season. King mackerel and Spanish mackerel may be kept. We can also do shark fishing upon request. Most of the sharks we catch are bull sharks and weigh over 100 pounds to well over 200 pounds.


The 6 hour trip can sometimes offer variety. Whether we are catching and releasing red snapper or keeping them(in season), you will enjoy the action on this trip. (Red snapper and triggerfish must be released outside of the season.) We can also do some trolling for king mackerel, Spanish mackerel and bonita on this trip. We can also do shark fishing upon request.


kids spanish boat

Orange Beach Alabama Fishing /Gulf Shores Family Fishing Charter Boats /Getaway Charters

Gulf Shores Fun and Family Fishing

We are all about family fun and having a good time on our Gulf Shores Alabama fishing charters. Catching fish is certainly very important to most everyone. However, I believe your satisfaction is measured by your enjoyment, your comfort on a nice clean boat and the fish you catch.



You will also see why our deckhands, are very popular with everyone who fishes on the Getaway. Listen as they share their stories about our local area, fishing,the different kinds of marine life or just chatting with everyone on the boat whether they are adults or kids. You will appreciate their patience as they assists you and your group with all of your needs. If you enjoy watching marine life then we are always happy to stop and give you plenty of time to watch dolphins play, watch the pelicans diving for their dinner or watching a giant sea turtle relaxing on the surface in the sun. We cater to your needs. Your satisfaction is important to us. Come join us on the Getaway or Another Getaway, two of the finest Orange Beach fishing charter boats. Orange Beach is only an eight minute drive from Gulf Shores. Enjoy Gulf Shores family fishing and Orange beach family fishing from Alabama’s nearest available access to the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Once you depart from the dock, you will enjoy the short 15 minute cruise through inshore waters out to the beautiful gulf waters where it all begins. As we cruise, you will often see dolphins, seagulls, pelicans and much more Gulf Coast wildlife.

Shark Fishing

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a giant shark on the end of your line? Sharks along the coast of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach can weigh well over 200 pounds. The most common shark we see is the big bull shark. These sharks average around 100 to 200 pounds. It is not unusual to hook into a 300 to 500 pound bull shark. Everyone on the boat usually has a turn at battling one of these giants. I have seen everyone on the boat fight a single shark. It is not uncommon for everyone to get two turns or more with the battle. There are also tiger sharks, hammerheads, Atlantic sharpnose and blacktip sharks which are not as common. We usually recommend a 5 or 6 hour fishing charter to target sharks. You can also fish for other fish while we place a shark bait out.

catching sharks on Another Getaway 8 14 12



Premium Full Day Charters in

The 10 hour charters are offered during all months. 12 hour charters are offered April through late September. 10 and 12 hour trips are best during April, May, August, September and October. Amberjack season is open January 1st 2015 and scheduled to close May 31st. The season is scheduled to reopen August 1st and close possibly in August or September. Gag grouper season is open July 1st and expected to close in the fall. Date to be announced. On the 10 hour charters you may catch amberjack (in season), vermillion snapper, white snapper, red snapper(in season) and possibly grouper (in season) On the 12 hour charters, you may catch amberjack (in season) red snapper (in season (in season), scamp grouper, red grouper, (gag grouper July 1st – late fall) vermillion snapper, white snapper, king mackerel and wahoo. Deep drop fishing for snowy grouper, yellowedge grouper, golden tilefish, blueline tilefish and seabass are offered on the 12 and 14 hour charters.  See more…



Amberjack Fishing

Amberjack Fishing



Deepdrop Fishing in Depths of 400 feet to well over 800 feet with light weight power assisted reels.

Deepdrop fishing is a method of using power assisted reels and targeting fish in depths over 400 feet to well over 1200 feet. Common fish caught from deepdrop fishing are snowy grouper, yellowedge grouper, golden tilefish, blueline tilefish, longtail seabass and more. A 12 hour or 14 hour trip is required for this specialized type of fishing. Some customers say these deep water fish have a similar taste to lobster. This is because of the colder temperatures in the deeper water on the ocean floor. We use lighter tackle than most others and this allows you to hold a lightweight rod and reel. Don’t worry, our tackle will pull the big grouper and tilefish from the bottom. This method is much more enjoyable than placing a giant heavy rod and reel in the rod holder and watching. For more information on deepdrop fishing see our page at Deepdrop Fishing.
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Big Game Offshore Trolling Trips can be great in August, September and October.

This is a full day of fishing. We target wahoo, dolphin (mahi mahi), blue marlin, white marlin and open water tuna. We can troll offshore for the full day or customize your charter. If the trolling action is not hot then we can fish for amberjack in the afternoon or do some deepdrop fishing for golden tilefish, snowy grouper, yellowedge grouper and more. Offshore big game trolling takes patience but can sometimes be very rewarding. Bring some good food, listen to your favorite music from Sirius Satellite and relax and wait for the big bite. Available in 12 or 14 hour trip

Overnight Tuna Trip (best months April, May, August, September and October)

You may book an 18 hour, 24 hour or 36 hour overnight Tuna Trip. We fish from 65 miles to 100 miles offshore. We target blackfin tuna, yellowfin tuna, blue marlin, mahi mahi and wahoo. We can also bottomfish for amberjack & grouper(in season), vermillion snapper and scamp. Always ask about the open seasons. Amberjack is closed June and July and could be closed some of remaining months of the year. Gag grouper opens July 1st and will close sometime in the fall. We can also deep drop fish for yellowedge grouper, snowy grouper, sea bass, and golden tilefish.

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Our Premium Full Day Charters in Spring, late Summer and Fall

April, May, August, September and October are great months for Offshore Deep Sea Fishing

These trips are for the serious anglers even though many families choose this adventure. Bring your food and drinks and be ready for a full day of serious fishing. Amberjack, red grouper, scamp grouper, gag grouper, vermillion snapper, king mackerel, wahoo? How about deep drop fishing for big snowy grouper, yellowedge grouper, golden tilefish, blueline tilefish, longtail seabass and more? Choose to spend your time with some offshore trolling for mahi mahi, white marlin, blue marlin or tuna. This 12 hour charter can be a combination of fishing. Let us customize your full day charter. Ask about our 14 hour Big Game Offshore Trolling Trip. The serious charter for the serious angler.

Amberjack 82.5lbs

Amberjack 82.5lbs

Amberjack season Amberjack season is open for the early part of the 2015 season. Amberjack season is expected to close May 31st. Big amberjack are usually caught on 10 and 12 hour fishing charters. The amberjack is one of the strongest fighting fish in the Gulf of Mexico. These big fish we catch usually weigh from 18 pounds to 40 pounds and more. We have caught amberjack weighing up to 98 pounds. You never know when you may hook into the big one. After an angler battles a big amberjack, this type of fishing often becomes a spectator sport. Everyone loves to cheer the angler on and sometimes give them a hard time as they struggle to reel in these fish. Of course, it is always in fun. You will find many more varieties of fish on the 10 and 12 hour charters. The 12 hour charter is the one for the very serious anglers. We can also target grouper in season. Deep drop fishing for snowy and yellowedge grouper along with golden tilefish is another option on a 12 hour charter. This is real deep sea fishing at its best.

Our Boats

Getaway and Another Getaway , are both first class Hatteras Yachts. Both boats are fully air conditioned with nice clean carpet, clean odor- freegetaway charters fishing boat bathrooms, showers, flat-screen TV’s, DVD players, stereo systems inside cabin and on back deck and XM Satellite Radios. They are both nice and clean for your family comfort. The interior of both boats are comfortable with plenty of seating area. Relax and enjoy while cooling off from the hot fishing action. The kids will probably be busy enjoying the outdoors but our well equipped cabin is a great option. They never get bored. Both boats are also equipped with the latest safety equipment, including epirb, two VHF radios, 48 mile radars, Garmin GPS with satellite weather including Nexrad weather, Fireboy automatic fire extinguisher system along with the other normal requirements. Both boats exceed US Coast Guard requirements. The differences between the GETAWAY and ANOTHER GETAWAY are as follows. The Getaway is a 36′ Custom Hatteras which is clean and comfortable.The Getaway specializes in our 4 and 6 hour fishing charters. She remains a favorite choice for many families and groups looking for fun and fishing in Orange Beach / Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Another Getaway is a 46′ Hatteras Yacht. She provides real yacht comfort. She is more than a fishing charter boat. She offers extra space, extra comfort, a viewing deck from the bridge with comfortable seating for up to 6 passengers. Another Getaway sleeps up to 6 passengers plus crew, provides two bathrooms, shower, microwave, stove top, freezer, refrigerator and comfortable seating with table in the large salon. Another Getaway provides our full day charters, overnight charters and our half day charters. Another Getaway is for those who want and expect just a little more.

Gulf Shores Family Fishing with the Kids

It is very rewarding for me to see families enjoy this wonderful experience. This is a great place for families to spend quality time together. All ages are welcome. Four years old seems to be a great beginning age for these youngsters to experience some great fun & fishing. A four hour charter is usually best for the very young ones. However, many do well on the 6 hour trip. The Playstation & the DVD player are always great options for anyone who may get restless. It must be extremely exciting for these young boys and girls to go back home and share this awesome experience in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico with their friends. A few hours on one of our boats will provide you with much more than just fishing. We will often see dolphins, sea turtles, pelicans, sea gulls, jellyfish and more. Our polite, experienced deckhand will educate you about our area and the abundant marine life that lives in it. Come and enjoy a Gulf Shores family fishing vacation.

Kids relaxing in the cool cabin with the Playstation after catching some big fish.

Kids relaxing in the cool cabin with the Playstation after catching some big fish.

The kids in the pic above are enjoying a cool break from the fishing action.

What type of fish do you catch?

The fish we specialize in include a wide variety. We practice conservation, so please let us know if you want to keep any or all of your fish. We offer catch and release fishing or fishing for tasty fish to take home. The choice is always yours. Bottomfishing includes fishing for red snapper, vermillion snapper, triggerfish, white snapper, lane snapper, gag grouper, red grouper, scamp grouper and much more. There is always a good chance to hook into a big shark. Nearshore fishing is available for king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, bonita, jack crevalle, bull redfish and more. Offshore fishing is available for wahoo, mahi mahi(dolphin), and always a chance to hook into a tuna or marlin. Overnight charters can produce blackfin tuna, yellowfin tuna and a chance at a swordfish. There is always a chance to hook into a marlin. Your fresh catch can be prepared by Wolf Bay Lodge located downstairs at Zekes Marina. Mikee’s in Gulf Shores is also known for “cook your fresh catch”. Your deckhand, Howie or Josh will provide first class service. You will appreciate their patience as they assist everyone throughout your fishing charter. Your Captains, Captain Don McPherson and Captain Eric Rochester, will take you to their favorite fishing spots. Captain Don is usually found on Another Getaway and Captain Eric on the Getaway.

Looking for a first class fishing charter?

Is a nicer & cleaner charter boat with a professional Captain and mate important to you? Choose from one of our Hatteras Sportfishing Yachts. Expect more and get more with Getaway Charters. Getaway Charters has been been offering Alabama deep sea fishing and nearshore fishing charters for over 16 years. Orange Beach family fishing anglers, first-time anglers and experienced anglers will all enjoy the friendly atmosphere on our boats. We can accommodate up to 6 people on each boat and you may choose a half day to a full day fishing charter. Whether you are looking for some tasty fish to take home or catch and release fishing, you will find it here at Getaway Charters. Experience some great amberjack fishing, king mackerel fishing, red snapper fishing, grouper fishing, tuna fishing, marlin fishing and so much more.

Shark Fishing?

Want to hook into a big shark? Just let us know and we will place a shark bait out. We catch and release only with big sharks. We will try our best to allow you to get some good pictures and video. Book a 4, 5 or 6 hour charter to target bull sharks, tiger sharks and more.

Our physical location

Is 27844 Canal Road in beautiful Orange Beach, Al. We are located at Sportsman Marina by the Pleasure Island Tiki Restaurant and Bar. Take a right at the 2nd Sportsman Marina entrance by the Pleasure Island Tiki Bar sign. Our boat will be docked by the Tiki Bar. We are a short drive from Fort Morgan, Perdido Key and Pensacola, Fl. We are also just a ten minute ride from beautiful Gulf Shores. This is the physical location of the boats but please contact me by phone, text or email for any questions. I am the owner and one of the Captains and can always give you detailed up to date fishing information. We are happy to say that the Getaway and Another Getaway are two of the most popular charter fishing boats in the area. Come enjoy Orange Beach fishing and Gulf Shores fishing at its best

What's ahead for Orange Beach / Gulf Shores Summer 2015 fishing?

Summer means great fishing and beautiful weather. You will find hungry red snapper about anywhere you go in the gulf. We may only keep red snapper during a short period of time during the month of June. This is announced each year usually during April. Otherwise these giant red snapper must be released. King mackerel and Spanish mackerel are caught during the summer months on the 4 hour fishing trips and are also caught on the 6 hour charters along with the red snapper. The mackerel may be kept. If you are looking for other fish to keep then you may keep vemillion snapper, triggerfish and white snapper. If keeping a substantial of fish is important to you then a 10 or 12 hour charter is recommended. You will often catch some very large fish on these longer trips. Amberjack and grouper are targeted on the longer charters but you need to inquire about the seasons as they change regularly. Come join us for some summer fishing and fun.


Costa Rica Fishing? We now have 2 boats in Quepos, CR

Our dry season is December through April with temps in the low 90’s. We fish year round with great success but experience some rain outside of the dry season.  

Captain Don and Jackson with nice sailfish

Captain Don and Jackson with nice sailfish

Costa Rica Fishing? We also have two charter boats in Quepos, Costa Rica. We are only 3 miles from beautiful Manuel Antonio. The dry season and best fishing is December through April. You can enjoy some of the best fishing in the world for Pacific Sailfish. Blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin, dorado(mahi mahi), yellowfin tuna, grouper, cubera snapper, red snapper and the famous roosterfish are all caught in the beautiful blue water of the Pacific.  Not only can I assist you with booking your fishing charter but I will also be happy to assist you  with travel, accommodations and other activities in beautiful Costa Rica. See monkeys, birds, sloths and plenty of green plants and trees. I fell in love with this country over 8 years ago and I am now very happy to have my good friend, Franklin, as my partner. Franklin has grown up in Costa Rica and offers that special local touch. Learn more at  and my Facebook page at Fishing Costa Rica with Big Eye Charters